Backgammon Tournament Time Regulations

A tournament is not exactly the same as playing backgammon with your friends. When you enter a tournament you are formally competing against other players. Such competition will require some regulations on certain aspects of the game. One very important aspect of backgammon and backgammon tournaments is time. It is not only your time on the line when you participate in tournaments but every one else's as well.

Players should know to respect other players' time. That also goes for the directors and the rest of the staff of a backgammon tournament. We'll go over some backgammon rules you'll surely encounter regarding the time of a tournament. We will not mention every single rule out there since tournament rules can sometimes be very specific to certain tournaments only. We'll just give you some common regulations and time restraints in such competitions.

Your matches in a backgammon tournament will be scheduled. You should take note of the time and location of your next scheduled match. You should also check out the designated tournament area you're supposed to play in. If you're not familiar with the location (that is if the location is new or otherwise unfamiliar) then you should figure out where it is beforehand.

Matches will always be starting promptly so make it a habit to be there on time or be a few minutes ahead. You'll usually be allowed a recess in between games for longer matches (i.e. you'll be playing for a higher number of points). You can always ask the director for a recess but remember that the director makes the final decision in this matter.

Certain penalties may be given if you are late for a scheduled match. These penalties may be waived by the director but you shouldn't keep your hopes up that high about this. Penalties can come in the form of a point reduction or bonus points awarded immediately to your opponent. Being late for a game during a match is also the same as being late for the match so be sure to watch the clock when taking breaks.

Another concern that will arise would regard to a player's pace during play. Players are expected to play at a fairly reasonable pace in backgammon tournaments. If it is deemed that you are playing too slow then you might receive a warning or your moves may be timed by a staff or the director to make you pick up the pace. You or your opponent may even request a timer (e.g. like the ones they use in chess tournaments) to be used or a member of the staff to observe each play.

Backgammon tournaments involve other people's time. Respecting that is the main idea behind the backgammon rules and regulations applied in such competitions.