Index of Rules for Backgammon Tournaments and Regular Play

Index of the topics of interest:

Standard Backgammon Rules - Standard Rules on Backgammon Board Set up - Standard Rules on Backgammon Checker Movement - Standard Rules on Hitting and Entering - Standard Rules on Bearing Off Backgammon Checkers - Standard Rules on Doubling and Scoring a Backgammon Game - Miscellaneous Scoring Rules in Backgammon - Correcting Irregularities of Play in Backgammon Games - Rules on Running a Backgammon Chouette - Standard Rules for Backgammon Match Play - Recording Games Using the 24-Point Numbering System

Specific Backgammon Rules in a Tournament Setting - Introduction to Backgammon Tournament Regulations - Backgammon Tournament Time Regulations - Backgammon Tournament Pre-Game Rules - Tournament Irregularities and the Play of the Game - Scoring Backgammon Tournament Matches - Settling Backgammon Tournament Disputes

Anyone interested in backgammon should have a ready understanding of the rules of the game. This is especially true for those who are still new to the game. Anyone still learning the ropes in backgammon should very well start from the very rudiments of the game. The intermediate player who has not yet experienced playing in a tournament will be quite interested to know the rules that apply in a tournament.

Beginners should start from backgammon board set up to get things ready. They should also become familiar with the starting position of the checkers on the backgammon board. These are two very basic topics that can never be left out if one is really seriously studying backgammon.

Checker movement will surely become the next item for newbies and backgammon freshmen. Along with checker movement comes the core of the action in a game. These would include hitting, entering checkers, bear off, and scoring the game. Beginners will eventually become familiar with the standard rules of the game, which is something that should never be left out.

The standard rules of backgammon should be mastered by heart since they become the foundation for the time when a backgammon player would enter a tournament. Though there are only a few more rules that one needs to know about tournaments it is good to remember that the standard rules are foundational to any rule there is in a backgammon tournament.

Tournaments allow you to play backgammon in a formal setting. This is quite different from playing a friendly game of backgammon at home. The general atmosphere of a tournament is different from a friendly game. Knowing backgammon tournament rules will at least give you an idea of what you can expect. Whether it is the standard rules or tournament rules, anyone who is really into backgammon should know the rules of the game.

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