Introduction to Backgammon Tournament Regulations

When you play in backgammon tournaments you are entering into an exciting, and at times challenging, arena. You will find that most of the regular game play rules to be the same. But you should expect that there are variations in the backgammon rules depending on which tournament you're participating in. We'll go over some rules you should expect when you participate in a backgammon tournament.

When it comes to backgammon rules and regulations the number one man in a competition is the tournament director. You might find a page that would state the regulations in a particular tournament but you won't find a rule for every single possible situation. The job of the director is to see regulate and call the shots in a tournament. In backgammon tournaments you will still be using the standard rules you're used to.

Some backgammon tournaments might have more than one director. Other than the directors a tournament will also specify what commonly accepted rules will be applied in a tournament. The directors and the tournament committee make the governing body of your tournament. You can expect these people to be knowledgeable in backgammon.

When you sign up for a tournament you usually have to submit an entry to be approved. Sometimes there will be more than one division in a particular tournament. You will most likely be only allowed to participate in only one division. Once your entry in one division is accepted then you may not participate in another.

During the actual tournament some officials may state an official language to be used during the games or while you're on the tournament floor. Keep in mind to always speak the said official language. If you have difficulty with the official language in use you may state your difficulty to an official and they will usually find a translator or a way around for you. The official language may not be your native tongue in case you're playing in a tournament with people from different nationalities participating.

It's quite fine to bring your friends over for moral support. But you should remind them to be quiet when a match is ongoing. They shouldn't disturb you or your opponent when they observe your games. They may not send you text messages or page you since you are not allowed to use any electronic device during a game. If worse comes to worse your friends may be barred from the tournament if they become a nuisance or another player may request to bar them for improprieties during actual matches. So it would be wise to give them a small heads up before the actual games begin.

These are only a few rules that apply to tournaments. You'll get to know more as you participate in them and as you go on in the rest of our pages.

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