Scoring Backgammon Tournament Matches

One of your responsibilities in a backgammon tournament is to keep score of the match. Once a match is over this score will be reported to a tournament official. Understanding the backgammon rules that apply to tournament match scoring is important since it will dictate whether you actually won or lost.

Since you'll be scoring every match you're going to be playing then you should be familiar with the standard rules on match scoring. If you feel like you have to review the backgammon match scoring rules then you should go back to that. We will only handle that in part in this portion since we will mainly focus on things that go on in a backgammon tournament.

The first obligation of players in a match is to be sure to start each game with the cube centered. A Crawford Game will be the obvious exception. Either the number 64 or the number one should be displayed on the top face of the doubling cube at the beginning of each game. Any dispute that will arise regarding this will usually be settled with the director. The cube action for tournaments will follow the backgammon rules for standard games.

The same standard rules on cube handling will also be applicable to tournaments. In backgammon tournaments players are only allowed to double only if it is their turn before rolling the dice, which is pretty much the same as the standard rules. When doubling the doubling cube should be turned to the next higher value when it is offered to your opponent.

If one player accepts the double then that player should say "take" or any words that would mean the same. The doubling cube will then be placed on the taker's side. But if that player passes that player should say "pass" or any such similar words. Having passed the offer to double the game ends and scores are recorded and a new game will commence. Some tournaments will even allow hand signals or certain actions to indicate cube action or cube handling.

The Crawford Rule is also used in backgammon tournaments. You should score Crawford Games accordingly when the match reaches that point. The cube will be removed from the backgammon board during a Crawford Game. As with ordinary matches not in a formal competition, after a Crawford Game is played and no winner is still declared then the cube is brought back into play in the next game.

There will come a time when a game has been doubled enough so that the match rests on winning that particular game then the cube will only be used up to that doubling level. The game must played to a final conclusion without further cube action.

These are some scoring rules you should take note of when participating in backgammon tournaments. Every player should know these since they will decide your fate in a match.