Settling Backgammon Tournament Disputes

Disputes will always arise one time or another no matter what sport you play. And backgammon tournaments are no exception to airing of disputes. A backgammon tournament is really a formal situation unlike playing with friends at home where you can settle disputes over a cup of coffee. Airing disputes in a formal competition will still be part backgammon rules for tournaments.

When will disputes usually arise in backgammon tournaments? The problem with that question is that there is no definite answer to it. Disputes may arise at the onset of the game or the opening roll. Sometimes questions may arise just after the backgammon board is set up but not really leading to a dispute. It is easy to imagine having disputes in the middle of a game since you'll find the bulk of the action there. But a trend has been seen showing really fewer disputes in backgammon tournaments these days.

The rule to remember is that the tournament official that will settle questions in disputes and contentions will be the director. The correct procedure should be summoning the tournament director and leave the backgammon board and all the pieces on it as they are. Directors will hear both sides of the issue and check the situation on the backgammon board and will make his ruling. The director will try to make things as fair as humanly possible.

Since you have spectators watching your games a player airing a complaint or a dispute may think that they can appeal to the testimonies of the spectators. Before you do appeal to spectator testimony you should check with the rules of a particular tournament you entered. The U.S. backgammon tournament made adjustments to this part of the rules so that the testimony of spectators will only be solicited at the request of the tournament director.

After the director has made decisions on disputes aired by a player it doesn't mean that that ruling can't be altered. Like other sports and games, backgammon rules in a tournament will allow appeals to any ruling made by directors. But backgammon players should promptly make such appeals.

Appeals made by players will be settled in a backgammon tournament committee meeting. The committee will most likely include the director who made the ruling. The committee will review the facts and the testimonies, if any, and will come up with their decision. Today's U.S. backgammon tournament rules state that the committee's decision should be unanimous in order to overturn whatever decision or ruling the director made.

A good piece of advice that most backgammon players practice nowadays is to take measures to avoid disputes. The second best widely taken advice we can give you is not to cheat in backgammon tournaments.

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